We get all your Legal or Administrative Documents in Mexico City or in the Wolrd!

Our Sevices are highly specialized, we have the full back up of International Legal Counseling®,  therefore the experience and the results are totally guaranteed! The low rate fees are are the most attractive part of our services due to the possibility to provide them to a wide range of clients simultaneously!

We invite you to know our services before all the Government offices and agencies in Mexico:

 - Secretaría de Gobernación
 - Secretaría de Economía
- Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores
- Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público
- Secretaría de Educación Pública
- Secretaría de Desarrollo Social
- Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes
- Secretaría de la Función Pública
- Secretaría de Energía
- Secretaría de Salud
- Tribunales  (We serve legal documents to Law Firms and Lawyers from all over the world)
- Juzgados de Distrito
 - Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación
 - Juntas Locales y Federales de Conciliación y Arbitraje
 - Notices, Answers and Entry of appearence at Tribunal Hearings (By

as well as different government offices:

- Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad (IMPI)
- Inversión Extranjera
- Medio Ambiente
- Consejería Jurídica y de Servicios Legales
- Secretaría de Obras y servicios
- Dirección General de Protección Civil
- Instituto Nacional de Migración



The office that you need is not here? Ask our experts and we will be able to start the paper work you need as son as posible.


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Our Legal Attorneys or Agents will get any  Legal or Administrative Document for you in Mexico or any place in the World, we have  associates in more than 137 countries!